How to prepare

For floods and other natural disasters. Practical information for every-day living in a potential flood area.

How to RecoveR

From the impacts of flooding including emotional trauma in children and pets during and after a flood.

Real life stories

From rescuers and survivors of Hurricane Harvey flooding and helpful advice to overcome emotional and mental stress.

About the Book

This book is written to show you how to prepare for and survive floods. Within the pages of this flood survival guide, the authors reveal the risk that a flood imposes on human well-being, share powerful tips on storm preparation, and provide practical steps that will help you deal with the impacts.

The authors’ combined professional expertise and personal experiences make “The Complete Flood Guide” a handbook that covers all essential aspects of dealing with this life-altering situation.

A complete guide

Helpful tips, real-life experiences shared by flood victims and volunteers and basic information for people who live in areas that are prone to storms and flooding.


1. Things you need to know if you live in a storm & flood-prone area

2. Before the storm

3. During the storm

4. After the storm

5. Muck-out advice

6. Cleaning and disinfecting

7. Beginning reconstruction

8. Flooded automobiles

9. Nasty flood water

10. Children and pets

12. Volunteerism

11. People stress

13. Flood insurance

14. Selling your damaged home

15. Stories shared by flood victims and heroic volunteers

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Dwan Reed

Dwan Reed is a licensed clinical social worker with a PhD in marriage and family therapy. She operates her own private practice, Elysian Counseling & Education, LLC, in Houston, Texas, where she provides individual and couples counseling. She is also a social work adjunct instructor for Fordham University.

Dwan and her family are survivors of the Tax Day flood and Hurricane Harvey. They know what it’s like to have to evacuate your home, lose most of your belongings, live in a cramped space, be taken advantage of by FEMA, and struggle to rebuild.

Dwan and her husband, Thomas, learned a lot about how to recover from such a catastrophe. It is Dwan’s goal to make sure that no one has to endure the aftermath of a devastating storm again without the information needed to recover effectively.

Marian Finnell

Marian Finnell has been an interior designer and hands-on decorator for over 25 years. Her secondary education in interior design propelled her into all aspects of new construction and remodeling. She managed her own fabricating workroom and developed skills and techniques of basic and artistic interior painting.

A native of Michigan, she became a Houstonian in 2001. Due to a desire to expand her professional life, she obtained a real estate license, and enjoyed working as a realtor for several years.

Her interior design skills and knowledge of real estate principles were heavily utilized after the two floods that damaged her neighborhood, including her own home. Because of the shortage of skilled workers in Houston after the floods, she and her husband had to do much of the contracting and finish work on their home themselves.

Paperback or digital

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Inside this handbook, you’ll learn:

  • Practical information for every day living in a potential flood area
  • How to prepare for floods and other natural disasters
  • How to recover from the impacts of flooding
  • How to keep your loved ones¨ pets¨ and belongings safe during a flood
  • How to minimize emotional trauma in children and pets during and after a flood
  • Real life stories of rescuers and survivors of Hurricane Harvey flooding
  • And more!



Children and Flooding

There are many factors that affect how a child responds to a natural disaster, such as whether they have experienced significant past trauma, loss of family or friend as a result of the natural disaster, loss of a pet, loss of their home, relocation, how their parents are responding to the natural disasters, change in schools, separation from friends, loss of personal items, change in sleep schedule, significant financial issues for family, change in routine, no longer able to participate

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After the Storm

After the Storm

When the storm has passed, and you must face the damage that has occurred to your home, try to stay positive. Keeping your wits about you will help you immediately get to work on what needs to be done in order to recover from this disaster. Give thanks that you are still alive, and then start to consider what needs to be done so that your environment does not damage your health. If your home flooded, the waters have left

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Top 5 Worst floods in US history

The worst floods in US history occurred more than a century ago. Few of them were expected and most regions lacked an adequate warning system. Many of those floods had problems with stability which was noted and ignored. Here are the top 5 worst floods in US history: 1) Johnstown On May 31, 1889, the South Fork Dam in Johnstown, Pennsylvania collapsed, leading to devastating flooding. The region had previously experienced heavy rains, which clogged the dam spillways.  There was

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