When you’ve gone to the grocery store and stocked up on everything you’ll need for several days, making the best use of your pantry space is important.  Here is an idea to get maximum usage out wasted wall space.  1 x 5 pine boards can be added to unused wall space so that you have easy access to canned goods and other small pantry items.  Nothing gets hidden and lost behind other items, as often happens on the wider shelves that most pantries are fitted with.  With the small items being stored on these narrow shelves, more space is freed up on the other shelves for the boxed items, large jars, gallon jugs, etc.

Don’t wait until the news reporters are imploring us to get stocked up.  It is so much more relaxing and you can put more thought into your shopping if you do it when you have some spare time before a storm is in the forecast.

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